NEWS: Craft Racing Works launch ludicrously light wheelset

NEWS: Craft Racing Works launch ludicrously light wheelset

While unknown in the west, CRW have been quietly building wheelsets for other companies since 2015. They launched their own brand in 2018 and in 2020 started designing their own hubs. They’re a small team who pay attention to the details.

Their latest carbon spoked wheels join an every-growing lineup of carbon spoked Chinese wheels from the likes of Winspace, Lún, Elite, SCOM, etc. So what do CRW bring to the table? Well, they’ve blown the competition away when it comes to weight. The 50mm front / 55mm rear staggered setup clocked our scales at 1243g . That’s about 200g lighter than the Lún HYPER D45s (which are shallower wheels) and 50g lighter than the Elite Drive 50D (which are also shallower.)

The slightly deeper 50mm / 60mm set clocks the scales at 1290g. One standout feature of the wheels is the front wheel has only 16 spokes. This obviously helps cut weight but also reduces aero drag greatly.

While still a relatively small brand, CRW have been growing a cult following amongst racers in China.

We’ve been riding the CRW carbon spoked wheels for 2 weeks now and are very impressed. The acceleration difference is immediately apparent when coming from a slightly heavier set of carbon spoked wheels. We look forward to spending more time with the wheels and watching the brand grow.

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