NEWS: OVERFAST launches World’s Lightest Thru Axles?

NEWS: OVERFAST launches World’s Lightest Thru Axles?

The thru-axles weigh just 30.5g in FACTOR specification.

OVERFAST has shocked the world by bringing out what they’re claiming is the world’s lightest thru-axles. The axles use a carbon fiber shaft that is mechanically bonded to an aluminium thread via a patented interface. This ensures strength and rigidity, but more importantly; safety.

Weight weenie wet dream

The Thru-axles have been in development for over two years. The final version has been road tested by various athletes for the past year. Only now that OVERFAST are completely satisfied with the results of their testing are they releasing the product to the public.

The Thru-axles have a tensile strength of over 950kgf.

The axles have been tested to take punishment in a variety of conditions, including those that would never be found during normal use.

Packaging is also environmentally-aware.

I’ve had a pair in my hands for a while, but am yet to test them out on the bike. Either way, they’re a great way to save upto 100g from the weight of your bike – depending on the weight of the original factory thru-axles.

The axles are available in multiple formats, including for disc brake bikes from Bianchi, BMC, Cannondale, Cervelo, Colnago, Factor, GIANT, Merida, Pinarello, SCOTT, Specialized and Trek. If your bike isn’t one of the above, OVERFAST can also custom make them to your specifications.

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