NEWS: RideNow makes the world’s lightest innertube?

NEWS: RideNow makes the world’s lightest innertube?

RideNow disrupted the innertube world a few years back when they launched their pink TPU innertubes. TPU innertubes (popularized by Tubilito) were previously too expensive to be considered a viable replacement for the trusty butyl innertube. That changed when RideNow burst onto the scene.

Since then RideNow have been constantly refining and improving their product. After the launch of their original 36g tube, they debuted their super-light 24g tube.

However, 24g seemingly wasn’t enough. They kept working away behind the scenes bringing multiple improvements to their product. Small details like a valve-hole sticker to prevent rattling and a stretchable patch kit all helped to improve the product.

The latest RideNow Ultralite tube weights just 19g! One difference between the Light and Superlight versions however is that the Ultralight 19g version cannot be use on rim brake bikes. Because the material is so thin, it’s more susceptible to the high temperatures of rim brake bikes. However, if you have a disc brake bike, this could very well be the lightest tube available to you.

The full RideNow TPU tube lineup now includes 36g “light” tubes, 24g “superlight” tubes and 19g “ultralight” tubes.

Is this the limit of how light a tube can get? Or will we be seeing an even lighter mega-light tube? Time will tell.

For now, you can pick up your RIdeNow tubes in the Panda Podium store.

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