NEWS: Sensah hydraulic groupset coming soon?

NEWS: Sensah hydraulic groupset coming soon?

Photos have started to surface on Chinese social media of Sensah’s long-awaited hydraulic road bike disc brake groupset. The photos are of poor quality, but there are a few things we can learn from the photos.

The shifter design looks very similar to previous rim brake versions of the Sensah Empire groupset. The shifter features “Empire Pro” branding – usually an indicator of 12 speed shifting. The top of the shifter features “HRD” – previous generations of SRAM road groupsets used this to designate as Hydraulic Road Disc. The head of the shifter is visibly larger than previous generations, but not ginormous.

The rear derailleur seems a shift in design from previous generations. We can’t be sure if this silver colour scheme is merely a prototype or production version. The lower cage length seems fairly long, indicating a higher capacity and the presence of a chain stabiliser will make gravel and all-road fans happy.

Sensah changes name to Sentyeh?

Another change of note is the name. Sensah has seemingly rebranded itself as Sentyeh. Likely due to issues with registering a trademark overseas, I have to say I’m not a fan of the new name. Sentyeh simply doesn’t flow off the tongue very well, and the casual feeling of “yeh” is also going to make branding themselves as a serious player an uphill struggle.

The groupset is set to be revealed at the Shanghai bike show, and we’ll be there to bring you more news as it emerges.

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