Seka’s New Frame – Shanghai Bike Show 2024

Seka’s New Frame – Shanghai Bike Show 2024

Seka have dropped a bomb this year at the Shanghai Bike Show by releasing this, the Spear. The standout feature on the bike is undoubtedly the seat stays. Lots of brands at the show will have features on their bikes which they claim are for aero benefits but Seka have put their money where their mouth is and gone to the Silverstone wind tunnel to work with Aerocoach, to do a full CFD analysis and validate the design, and it was proven to be fast.

This attention to detail and aero focus extends to other parts of the bike too. The frame comes with specially designed bottle cages which help to funnel air around the frame. The bottle for the down tube and seat tube have been specifically designed for how the air will hit them as they sit on the bike, so Seka has gone the extra mile and designed two diffrent bottle cages in the pursuit of aero gains. When it comes to R&D, Seka seem to be quite far ahead of a lot of their Chinese competition.

Just as before, the bike will come in two versions. The RDC version which we have here, is the more racey and superlight version but there will also be a regular race version. In the wind tunnel with a rider on it, it works out as being a few watts faster than the outgoing exceed which is all good and at the same time… still being lighter, stiffer, having more tire clearance and all that jazz. We have been in chats with the boss of Seka and we are trying to get this frame available on Panda Podium as soon as possible but they are still struggling to keep up with the demand so you’ll have to bear with us, but we’ll get it up for sale here as soon as we can.

Very exciting stuff coming from Seka at the Shanghai Bike Show this year!

We should have stock of the SEKA Spear by July. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

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