Magene Electronic Shifting – Shanghai Bike Show 2024

Magene Electronic Shifting – Shanghai Bike Show 2024

Magene have just dropped some big news with their new wireless shifting groupset. Magene are obviously a big player in the cycling electronics space with their power meters and head units but it’s very exciting to see them also now release their take on a wireless groupset. These days more and more Chinese brands are getting into producing groupsets and we’re 100% here for it!

This wireless shifting groupset from Magene comes in both a hydraulic disk brake version and will also be released in a rim brake version for all you rim brake fans. The rear mech is twelve speed so you will have a nice big range of gears to work with when choosing what setup to put on your bike. The shifters are totally wireless and the front and rear mech will be connected to a battery in the seatpost as we have come to expect.

Each shifter has three buttons, so your two outer buttons which control the shifting as well as another button on the inside of the shifter which can be hooked up to your preferred functions through the app. The shifting buttons are opposite to what you’d expect from Shimano as standard but it’s also possible to customise this thorugh the app. As far as the shifters go, they feel really great in the hand and are a far cry from the very bulky and primitive early hydraulic stuff. They look sveldt and feel good in the common riding positions on first impressions. The shifting was working really well on the test rig they had setup at the show, and we are really excited to get a bike built up with this groupset and get it out on the road. This groupset is apparrently coming to market in China this year but won’t come to market in the west until next year but we’ll keep out finger on the pulse and keep you all updated as things develop.

One more interesting thing that caught our eye on the Magene stand was their P715 power meter pedals, these are a slight upgrade over the P705. They’re a dual sided power meter pedal. They appear to be using the look standard and they feel pretty light in the hand. They should be coming to market in July and will also be available here at Panda Podum. They’ll be a bit cheaper than the Assioma ones so if you’re interested in power meter pedals from Magene keep a look out for these coming in the next few months.

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