How to Build a Sub 6kg Specialized Tarmac SL8, Without Compromising Any Performance?

How to Build a Sub 6kg Specialized Tarmac SL8, Without Compromising Any Performance?

The S-Works Tarmac SL8 – Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 complete bike is quoted as weighing 6.62kg on the Specialized official website. While this weight might be considered lightweight by some, it might not satisfy the most dedicated weight weenies. If you’re looking to further reduce the weight of your bike, here are some suggestions to consider:

Wheels ( -340g )

The Roval Rapide 2 wheelset that comes with the bike is indeed a good option. It boasts speed, aerodynamics, and tubeless compatibility. However, for extended uphill climbs, it might prove a tad heavy.

To provide you with an improved climbing experience without compromising performance on flat terrains and descents, we’re excited to introduce the Craft Racing Wheels CS5060.

As you might gather from their name, these wheels feature a rim depth of 50mm in the front and 60mm in the rear, akin to the Rapide. What sets them apart is the inclusion of the 3rd generation carbon spokes, a feature absent in Roval wheels.

The CRW wheels are designed for tubeless compatibility, and the hubs come standard with a 36t star ratchet ring. These DT-style hubs are not only easy to service but can also be upgraded with a 54t ratchet ring if desired.

Still find 1290g too heavy? Here’s the good news: the CRW offers a shallower rim depth option of 40/45mm, weighing a mere 1180g. If your cycling adventures lead you to mountainous terrain, these wheels emerge as your best companions.

Crankset ( -110g )

Shimano has made significant strides in producing aluminum cranksets, yet it must be acknowledged that even their top-tier crank arms are slightly heavy when compared to the carbon cranks available in the market. This is why we’d like to introduce the Cybrei crankset to you – weighing a mere 580g and equipped with a spider-based power meter, offering approximately 110g of weight savings on the cranks.

Despite achieving substantial weight reduction, the Cybrei cranks do not compromise on performance in the slightest. These cranksets employ high modulus Toray carbon fiber and cold-forged AL7075 axles. Impressively, they have successfully passed a 1800N 140,000-cycle crank fatigue test, along with a 5600N crank damage test, exceeding EU standards by a significant margin. Additionally, they offer a 3-year warranty on all of their products.

In summary, the Cybrei Carbon Crankset stands as an excellent choice for riders seeking to enhance their bike’s performance while reducing weight. With its top-notch construction, elegant design, and versatile compatibility, this crankset is poised to captivate even the most discerning riders.

Cassette ( -23g )

When discussing drivetrain products, the Sixweel cassette stands out as a popular choice for individuals seeking the lightest components for every aspect of their bike. An 11-30t Sixweel cassette weighs a mere 199 grams, enabling you to save an additional 23g compared to a standard 11-30 Dura Ace 12-speed cassette.

Nonetheless, as per Sixweel’s specifications, their cassettes utilize stiffer materials than Shimano cassettes. This stiffness might result in suboptimal shifting performance on the 11t or 15t cogs when initially using their cassettes. We don’t strongly advocate replacing your cassette as an essential upgrade. It’s worth noting that Shimano still maintains the best shifting performance in their cassettes.

Bartapes ( -55g )

The EXS Airtape stands out as potentially offering the best value for your money. Priced at just 20 USD, it has the potential to shave off around 55 grams when compared to the stock Supacaz bar tapes that come with the complete bike. Distinguishing itself from some other ultra-lightweight bar tapes, the EXS Airtape maintains a comfortable feel with its 3mm thickness. Why not consider giving it a try?

Saddle ( -100g )

While the S-Works Power saddle that comes with the complete bike already features carbon rails, its weight is still somewhat impacted by the substantial amount of padding aimed at enhancing comfort. However, if you’re looking to shed weight from a component that holds a prominent position in terms of the bike’s center of gravity, why not opt for a fully carbon saddle?

Allow us to introduce the MVMT saddle: crafted entirely from carbon, weighing a mere 59g. Its glossy 3k carbon finish bestows upon it a truly premium appearance.

Upgrading from the S-Works Power saddle to the MVMT saddle can yield a further weight reduction of 100 grams. Nevertheless, we recommend this primarily for weight-conscious riders, as individual comfort levels may vary due to differences in anatomy.

(Will available on Panda Podium soon)

Thru Axles ( -20g )

Ready to shed those last few grams from your bike? Great! Take a look at the OVERFAST ultra-light carbon fiber thru axles. With just 33 grams per pair in accordance with Specialized specifications, you could potentially save around 20 grams compared to the original thru axles.

The OVERFAST thru axles feature Aluminum threads on their axles and boast a patented mechanical bond between carbon and alloy. Safety is not compromised; even without adhesive, our thru-axles exhibit a tensile strength of 500kgf. When adhesive is applied, the overall tensile strength of the thru axle increases to over 900kgf.

Conclusion ( -648g )

With all these parts added up, you can save about 648 grams on your bike, which will be able to get the bike under 6 kilogram gate. Congratulations!

In the pursuit of optimizing your cycling experience, we’ve explored a range of components designed to elevate both performance and weight reduction. From wheels to cranksets, cassettes to saddles, each offering has been meticulously selected to cater to the desires of dedicated cyclists. The S-Works Tarmac SL8 – Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 complete bike, already impressive in its own right, has been the canvas upon which we’ve introduced upgrades that cater to weight weenies and performance enthusiasts alike.

By delving into the realm of wheelsets, we introduced the Craft Racing Wheels CS5060 – a solution engineered for climbers, incorporating cutting-edge materials and design for a superior riding experience. Transitioning to drivetrain components, the Cybrei Carbon Crankset proved its mettle, delivering a compelling blend of weight savings and performance. And while the Sixweel cassette tantalizes with its lightweight allure, it’s prudent to consider potential shifting nuances.

Further enhancing the riding experience, the EXS Airtape caught our attention, offering a remarkable weight-to-value ratio with an element of comfort preserved. Lastly, the MVMT saddle beckons those in search of ultimate weight loss, yet with the caveat that individual comfort preferences may vary.

In the realm of thru axles, the OVERFAST ultra-light carbon fiber options open avenues for subtle yet significant weight reductions without compromising on safety.

In essence, this journey has been about finely balancing weight savings with performance gains, all while respecting the individual nuances of cycling comfort. These upgrades collectively contribute to an enhanced riding experience that’s not solely about numbers, but also the nuanced sensations that every cyclist values.

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