REVIEW: Cycplus Mini Pump Cube

REVIEW: Cycplus Mini Pump Cube

The Cycplus mini pump cube with it’s included silicon case.

The Cycplus Mini Pump Cube is an electronic pump that easily fits in any pocket or saddle bag. The pump is powered by an in-built rechargeable battery that can be charged in just 20 minutes. When full, the power is enough to take a 700*25C tire from 0-80psi twice.

The small size becomes apparent next to my Attaquer mini saddle bag and the already tiny Topeak Race Rocket HP.

After being suprised by the small size and light weight of the unit, the next thing that impresses you is it’s punch. Switching the unit on for the first time the very loud sound reveals the strength of the pump within. Attach it to the valve of the tire, and watch it go to work.

The tiny pump with a tiny Ride Now TPU tube.

When combined with Ride Now TPU tubes, you can equip yourself with a very small and hassle-free setup. For me, this setup is perfect for 90% of my rides. If I was doing something longer and solo, I’d probably take my Topeak mini-pump, but anything under 150km and anything with friends, I’m fine taking the mini pump cube. In the rare, rare instance that I triple flat and find myself with 0% battery, I’m sure a friend would lend me their pump, or at worst I could find someone with a USB-C phone charger to give the unit the 10 minute charge it would need to inflate one tire.

The pump and it’s included case.

The included silicon case protects the unit if it falls out of your saddle bag when you’re rummaging for a mini-tool, but also prevents your hands getting too hot when holding the unit, as it can get a little hot, especially if you’re pumping all the way to 100psi.

Tire SizePressureInflating TimeTimes on Single Charge
700*250 – 60psi50~60 seconds4
700*250 – 80psi80~90 seconds2
700*250 – 100psi150~160 seconds1
700*280 – 70psi70~80 seconds3
700*280 – 80psi140~150 seconds1
700*320 – 60psi100~110 seconds2
700*320 – 80psi230~240 seconds1
26*1.95″0 – 35psi70~80 seconds2
26*1.95″0 – 50psi120~130 seconds1
Data for reference only

While there’s no in-build pressure gauge, you’re left to squeeze the tire with your fingers how you would with a traditional mini pump. There is however an LED indicator on the unit to let you know how much battery life is left.

All in all the Cycplus mini-pump is a great addition to any cyclist’s saddle bag and makes a great gift for someone. You can find the mini pump in stock on our website.

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  • mburchil

    @Joe … I just got mine. So far it works great. Simple, solid. I’ll be running it through the paces over the next month in Canada. (Flats are a real common thing here.)

    Then if it proves reliable, I’ll be recommending it to my whole team for training rides. This size is great for a low profile saddle bag.

    July 4, 2023 at 6:01 pm

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