Brand Name: CRW Works Chinese Company Name: 厦门铠富特运动科技有限公司
Founded: 2021 # of Employees: 5-10
Headquarters: Xiamen, Fujian Products Categories: Wheels
While unknown in the west, Craft Racing Works (CRW) have been quietly building wheelsets for other companies since 2015. They launched their own brand in 2018 and in 2020 started designing their own hubs. They’re a small team who pay attention to the details. They put an emphasis on the performance of the wheelset as a whole as opposed to individual components. They often experiment with new technologies such as Berd spokes and aren't afraid to try new things. As a new brand with a limited number of wheels out on in the wild, it's hard to give them a rating for durability or longevity. As always, early adopters take the risk of being a guinea pig, but the advantage is that you get a great performing wheelset at a great price before the brand raises prices due to the overheads of being a larger brand. There is a manufacturer's warranty with the wheels, so that does provide some peace of mind.