We are LIVE (Sort of)

The website is ONLINE.

We have a few features missing and a few bugs, but we just wanted to get it out there. Having visitors will help us iron out the bugs a lot quicker.

What’s ready:

  • We have over 100 products ready to buy.
  • We have several articles and news features
What’s not ready:
  • We have over 200 products still not listed.
  • Most of our current products need the product description re-writing.
  • Some pages are missing or a work in progress.

We’re about to head to the Shanghai bike show (May 4th-8th) to find even more cool products to put on the website. However, this means from May 4th-8th our service will be slow. We’re in this for the long-run though, so bare with us. With all that said.

Exciting products from these brands:

...and many more.

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